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Thread: C42 stuff

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    C42 stuff

    Is this forum normally this quiet? I just bought a C42 and came here for some advice. If there is no one else using it then I will have to try elsewhere. Here's hoping.


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    C42 stuff

    Hi Mark

    If I can help with any questions please let me know

    I think the forum s quiet as most owners are very happy with their C42's, and as it is a relatively trouble free aircraft few have many problems

    Malc Stewart

    Red Air UK

    Tel 01384 221600

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    C42 stuff

    Thanks Malcolm,

    Although I learned on a club C42 a few years ago and have flown in a club scheme since then, all I ever had to do was turn up, fuel it and fly it. Now I own one, I am learning there is a lot to learn about to keep it in tip top condition. I have been buying a few bits and pieces from Lisa and still have some more to do to it before I will be happy with it.

    If you don't mind, I may call you or send you the odd mail for advice.

    I hope to have many years of happy flying, in CGNI and maybe in a new one should funds improve.

    Best regards,


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    C42 stuff

    I learnt to fly in CGNI it's a lovely plane to fly. Enjoy!

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    C42 stuff

    Thanks Gary, I enjoyed the flight from Preston back to NI when I bought her and have a few hours in her since I got her home. She is in great condition and was very well looked after by the last owner, post school. It's a great feeling knowing that many people have learned to fly in her. The Wife and I call her Charlie Girl, hence the her!

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    C42 stuff

    Hello Mark

    Well done. I am sure i will see you at fly ins
    There are plenty of people with C42's in Ireland (some are European ones) who can help you.
    I own EI-EDI In Cooley feel free to drop in.
    Do you have Kevin Glynns flight guide?

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    C42 stuff

    Mark thanks. I drop in a lot to Derryogue and know that your place is just over the water. I haven't been in to you yet but will drop in soon, when I get airborne at the weekend. I think I might have seen you at Ztandragee sometime.



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