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Thread: Rans S6 912 Jab New Kit

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    Rans S6 912 Jab New Kit

    Can anyone give me advice, I have been flying a Rans 503 for the last three years and am looking to upgrade it in Jan. 2015. I was looking at either the Rans S6 with the 912 or Jab. engine or the Skyranger.
    I have spoken with Dave at Skycraft and he recommends the Jab engine for a few reasons, weight, cost, cost of spares but I was expecting new kits to be modern (new type dash, covers overs the wires inside etc) but it only seems to be the US market that have them, is it because of the weight or are they just not available.
    Also has any one got true cruise figures for both the 912 and the Jab engines. I notice a Rans with the modern dash and wire covers and centre console has just gone on Afors,

    Many thanks,


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    Rans S6 912 Jab New Kit


    High money for a plane with a high hours (~1000) Jab.

    Rotax spares may be pricey but rarely need them !

    Rotax UL has 80 bhp, not sure what the higher revving prop Jab actually delivers to the air.

    True cruise is a good question. My own 80 h.p Rotax model at WOT gives a genuine GPS checked 117 mph (not kts). Cruise at 4,800 rpm is about 95 ish mph.

    Dave what engine do you think the UK Jab. agent would recommend ?

    Fabric already 9 years old.

    It's a classic kit built high wing a/c. Not sure cosmetic 'improvements' i.e wire covers etc. alter the flying characteristics, just perhaps a feel good factor ?

    Radio is only 760 with 8.33 round the corner.

    Horrid nose-wheel job anyway !

    mike hallam

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    Rans S6 912 Jab New Kit

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the reply, I really am thinking of buying a Rans S6 kit but the only thing putting me off is the fact that it will be identical to my 503 that cost a fraction of the price but with a four stroke in, it would be nice to have some cosmetic improvements whilst I was doing it.

    The performance that you have quoted is what I am looking for mainly, my trusty 503 cruises at 65mph with a 43 litre fuel tank,


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    Rans S6 912 Jab New Kit

    Our experience with the Skyranger is that really its no contest between 912 and Jab. The 912 uses less fuel for same speed, has less maintenance, more power for takeoff and climb courtesy of the gearbox multiplying torque, and will last 2 times the rated TBO without overhaul and has higher resale price. The Jab used to have a significant price advantage, but with the strong Aus dollar they are now not so far apart.

    If you are thinking of a new kit, and I note your first post where you are considering a Skyranger- have you taken a look at our latest models? - we have a policy of continuous improvement, and the the New Swift 2 has lots of cosmetic and operational improvements, has the Xlam fabric option, and is also lighter than previous. We would be very happy to show you our machines and take you for demo flights.

    Paul Dewhurst

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    Rans S6 912 Jab New Kit

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will try and come over in the near future to take you up on your offer, many thanks for your help,


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