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    912 no spark

    I noticed this news story the other day Record number of US drone crashes, and this line in particular caught my attention "...investigators had traced the problems experienced by the Reaper to a faulty starter generator.". I know that the Predator drones use Rotax engines, but after a glance at Wikipedia, it seems the Reapers use Honeywell engines. Anyway I wonder if by 'starter generator' they mean 'ignition module', or am I mixing apples and pears? Could it be that we are not the only victims of low quality components failing?

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    912 no spark

    Certainly interesting. Trouble is,starter/generator could mean a number of things with the Americans!
    What bugs me most of all,is when you quiz the Rotax agents about such things,you get an almost automatic denial anything could be possibly wrong,when in this instance with the electronic modules,something is definitely not right regarding longevity with some of these units fitted to a/c.

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