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Thread: Engine interference on Radio TX

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    Engine interference on Radio TX

    I have just fitted a new Funke radio, which is working perfectly well on receive and on intercom. All settings have been carried out as per the manual. Dynamic Mic wire leads have been shorted and set to 01 in extended menu.

    I have checked the earth to the radio and this is good, I have also tried decoupling the radio +ve and -ve leads with a 20,000 micro farad capacitor. This did work either.

    I removed and cleaned aerial and cable and checked connections and ground plane, all ok. Pulled fuses of all other non essential equipment and noise still there.

    I have also checked all other connections on the back of the panel and any other associated wiring.

    On pressing PTT, I get very loud engine related hun, which increases with revs. Pax headset the same. Also, switching on electric pump, it can also be heard. Receiving stations report that I am strength 5 with clear text, but with a low engine type hum in background. This is very much more prounonced on the pilot and Pax headsets

    Anybody got any ideas as to what I can do now? I suspect it might be regulator related. I not on the dashboard support bracket there appears to be a regulator and large capicitor. I'm wondering if these could be the problem. Nothing else seems to be amiss, except that on pressing PTT, the trim lights flicker. I am told that most C42s do this.

    I'm ripping my hair out with this and need a steer in the right direction.

    Thanks, Mark

    C42 FB80 2010

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    Engine interference on Radio TX

    When my intercom and power cables to my radio ran closely together its caused interference like your getting Mark...

    Came over the transmitted sig as well..

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    Engine interference on Radio TX

    Thanks Nick, its an integrated radio and intercom. I have tried to separating everything that I can, but still getting it. You know how infuriating it can be and I am sure that when I crack it, it will be something so simple. Just can't see it yet!



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    Engine interference on Radio TX

    I Had the same problem appear on my Escapade,after hours of chasing,i went back to all the engine grounds,disconnected cleaned with wet and dry, reassembled ,problem gone.i also covered the grounds with AV8 to prevent moisture ingress

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