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Thread: Special Tool?

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    Special Tool?

    Hi guys. I'm recovering the elevators on my S6 and am struggling to fit the compression tube.
    I've read that you need to fabricate a special tool to do this job but I can't find any details.
    Can anyone help me out with pictures/drawings of what this tool looks like? or tell me how it works?



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    Special Tool?

    I used sellotape to hold the tube on the bottom "stud", ie wrapped around the bottom of the outer tube on up both sides of the stiffener tube.

    I then used a little sellotape to hold a loop of lacing cord to the top of the stiffener tube. Make sure the open notch will line up when pulled. Lead both ends of the loop out of the open end of the elevator "bag" pull when all bolts are in place, SLOW and Steady.

    Hope that helps :yeah:


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    Special Tool?

    Hi Ray. Thanks for the reply.
    I gave one of my elevators to a buddy of mine and asked him to figure it out. He likes a challenge.
    Funnily enough, he done it almost exactly like you did...well done Wullie.
    Rans certainly didn't give much (any) guidance on how to do it, unless there is a page missing from my manual.



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