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Thread: Warm Flying Suit

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    Warm Flying Suit

    I bought Blue Sky Blue Atmos six layer suite. It is very warm. I'm flying Trya which has no fairings, no windscreen. Suite was tested wearing three layers (T-shirt, jacket and wool sweater) underneath at -5 C. No problem for an one hour flight. I flew wearing just T-shirt and light jacket underneath that suite last Saturday at +3C for an hour - warm and nice

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    Warm Flying Suit

    Hi Steve,
    I used gerbings heated socks in the raven and they were brilliant. I think they just do the heated insoles now which I can't vouch for. I always made sure that I only wrote the socks while flying and didn't end up walking around in then so as to prolong the life of the heating wires and so far they have lasted for 5+ years.


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    Warm Flying Suit

    Have used the heated insoles for 3 yrs now, I expected to feel heat coming through my socks but I don't, however my feet are warm even in very cold conditions, longest flight was over 2 and a half hrs in minus 5 temps so I guess they are working.
    Coupled with a diving undersuit under my ozee and heated bar grips the cold is no problem.

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