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Thread: Warm Flying Suit

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    Warm Flying Suit

    Hi everyone
    The very old Baleno suit I've had fourteen years has finally expired.
    It's been a great suit and warm in the winter.
    I also have an Ozee that I find useless up here in the frozen North.

    Has anyone got any recommendations? I wear a Gerbings jacket liner and gloves which are great however I'd still like a decent warm suit.
    I'm considering the Blue Sky Blue Atmos 5 layer has anyone any recommendations?



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    Warm Flying Suit

    Which model of Ozee? I'm a happy Millenium owner.

    If the suit is too warm then it is limited in terms of flying weather. Same if it's too cold, but too cold you can always add layers underneath.

    Others making flying suits include:

    Fly Mike, you'll need to find the English version of the site, but agents exist in the UK.

    You should also look at the HG/PG manufacturers, as that sport is far more exposed than either flex or 3 axis.


    Gin Gliders Flying Suit

    You could could also make a visit to either Northern Paragliders - Kirby Stephen, Ian Currer, a partner there is a microlight pilot too, or Active Edge - Harrogate, and talk to Dean Crosby, both of them would be happy to sell you a flying suit.

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    Warm Flying Suit

    I've just bought the blue sky blue 5 layer atmos suit and it's the warmest I've ever been when flying. I went for the map pockets which was a mistake as the material on the pockets is rather inflexible, especially when cold. I was hoping to wear it to paramotor as well as the flexwing but I fea it's a little thick to run in. Jk

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    Warm Flying Suit

    I have a trusty old o-zee, about 17 years old, still in good condition, keeps me very warm. For fair weather use, I have a blue sky blue suit, just add layers underneath if too cold. But, as Steve said, coming from a hang gliding/paragliding background, we are/have been more exposed to the cold & there are some very good suits out there.


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    Warm Flying Suit

    I've got millennium and never felt body cold in flex at 2500 ft -20,to hot for 3 axis

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    Warm Flying Suit

    At the flying show this year I tried both, Ozee and BSB.
    Bought the 5 layer BSB as I felt it was the better of the 2 products.
    Like you, I'm in the frozen North.... North of Ireland that is.
    Waiting on an email now from BSB as I'm a rather tall bloke and had to order one that they hadn't at the show.
    Looks and feels really good, well made and price was really good.


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    Warm Flying Suit

    How "price sensitive" are you?
    Mary has always flown in her two piece ski suit which seems to be OK. She complains that her hands get cold but not the rest of her.

    If she was cold I'd get to hear about it :-)
    Laurie (2)

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    Warm Flying Suit

    Just an aside, had a passenger burn a hole in my good flight suit from the exhaust. Emailed Ozee and had replacement fabric and quilt in the post to me the next day. All free off charge as well and I live in Ireland. Can't get better than that, unless they sent me a new suit off course :-)
    Never had a problem with Ozee are all.


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    Warm Flying Suit

    What size are you, Tom? I have a four layer Blue Sky Blue gathering dust in my locker (I'm 5ft 10) which is looking for a good home if someone makes me an offer. It was always very cosy in my TST.

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    Warm Flying Suit

    Dave Nixon wrote: I've got millennium and never felt body cold in flex at 2500 ft -20,too hot for 3 axis
    Pedantry:nono: : "too hot for enclosed 3-axis with cabin heater", surely. Not all 3-axis are what my dearly beloved calls "the ladies' model"

    End pedantry: I've got a lovely old synthetic-fur-lined Ozee that I bought off ebay ages ago. Only problem is having to undress when going to the loo. For normal ladies' model flying (sans heater) I wear thermal underwear from Patra (, plus woolly jumpers etc. Good thing about dressing warm is if the old Rotax-or-whatever stops spinning whilst over chilly fields you've got appropriate gear on for the weather.

    I've also found when flying open-cockpit 3-axis in winter that battery-powered heated jacket does wonders - keep the liver and kidneys warm and the rest of the body seems to stay wam too.


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