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Thread: Leg Fairings - Fitting Guide

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    Leg Fairings - Fitting Guide

    Can anyone help with instructions on fitting leg fairings on a S6, I bought a Rans S6, with the aircraft came a box containing the leg fairings (2 main legs + 1 nose wheel)
    Unfortunately it didn't have the fitting instructions with it, I think I can work out the main gear legs, but I am clueless as to the nose wheel, it seems to be in 2 pieces.

    If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.


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    Leg Fairings - Fitting Guide

    Andy, if you email me I can send you a link to my dropbox where you can download the whole S6 build manual.
    once you get the link just right click on it and download to your conmputor. Its a PDF file


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    Leg Fairings - Fitting Guide

    Here is the 2 pages but if you want the whole manual then email me

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