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Thread: Quik king post

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    Quik king post

    New aircraft arrived in our club last week. Helped the owner rig it today. When it was derigged before being trailered to our airfield, it was obvious that the king post had been removed by undoing the bolt through the wing keel. So of course, we had to replace that. No problem with any of this, but would seem a pain for anyone who has to derig every time they fly. The manual that came with the aircraft clearly says "lift the king post to its upright position", which implies it should be hinged (as the Blade I used to have was). Should it be? Or was this a feature of earlier trikes which was altered for some reason on later models?

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    Quik king post

    Sorry miss read the original post was thinking we were discussing the monopole
    MY Bad

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    Quik king post

    Hi Paul

    The King post does hinge. There is an "eye bolt" that it sits on that remains bolted through the keel tube. With the tension off the top wires, pull the king post upwards. It should move up around an inch to allow it to hinge, it may be very difficult to do. It is attached to the "eye bolt" by a stainless steel strap that has been tickled with a big hammer to make it fit. If this strap is slightly twisted, it will be very difficult to pull up.
    Thats the best I can do to describe it. I know what I mean.

    Good luck


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    Quik king post

    Hi PAul
    The King post does hinge like Mark says but whenever I trailer my Quik wing I remove the nut and pull the king post out of the wing keel.
    If you leave the king post attached as the factory intended the king post will not lie flat on the folded wing. This isn't just inconvenient for packing it into the bag but more importantly if you apply a force to the end of the king post there is so much leverage that you can do real damage at the keel end.

    Better safe than sorry I always think.
    Laurie (2)

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    Quik king post

    Thanks to all. If we ever need to derig a Quik, I'll bear these comments in mind, especially Laurie's that although the king post on top of the wing WILL hinge, it might be better to remove it completely from the wing keel.

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