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Thread: 912 oil temp

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    912 oil temp

    Running a Rotax 912 with the outside air temp almost down at 1oC how are people bringing their oil temps up in a timely manner?

    My oil cooler is almost fully blanked and I'm running mine for almost 10mins with very very little affect on oil temp.

    Two questions - 1 is there a way to bring things up to temp more quickly?

    2 - how sensitive is the motor to full power with a low oil temp?

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    912 oil temp

    Fit an oil thermostat. I did and the temp comes up and stays there in a couple of minutes.

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    912 oil temp

    I'm not 100% certain about this, but I believe with the oil temp below 50 degrees c you should keep the revs below about 2200rpm or there is the danger of oil bypassing the filter.

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    912 oil temp

    1. I understand oil thermostats can be more trouble than they're worth. Might be good when very cold outside but local inspector went to a lot of trouble to fit one and found the engine heated up in 3 mins instead of 5 but that wasn't sufficient improvement to warrant the effort

    2. I also understand that engine should be kept below 3000 until it hits 50 degrees. I'm interested if it is in fact lower.

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    912 oil temp

    The original poster had the same experience as me, ie not getting up to temperature at all. I fitted a stat, problem solved. Gets to temp and stays there. No messing round with taping the cooler up and forgetting to remove it on warmer days. If you are getting up to temp without one then no point fitting one, but for me, a great piece of kit which sorted the problem.

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    912 oil temp

    To help answer point number 2, try this video

    You'll have to excuse my inability to post a proper link. It's a long video but has lots of useful stuff in it if you know nowt like me, & I think he explains quite well about the need for oil temp of 50 deg c and about max revs before that temp.

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