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    Quantum 503

    Hi all,

    I used to own a Quantum 582 grey top but sold it when I moved to Australia last year. I have now returned and am looking for another Quantum. I have seen one advertised but the engine hours seem very high, (600+ on a 503 and original crank!). The airframe has 950 hrs, (again, very high). G-Info tells me it's a 1993 model and the vendor tells me that the crank is well within tolerance.

    I am wondering what a fair price would be for such a machine, (it has no comms interface or any other extras!)?

    I sold my quantum which had a comms interface and radio as well as training bars, electric start, a new sail and a crank replacement at 400hrs,(total time on airframe and engine 600hrs), for 6000GBP the vendor of the 503 is asking nearly 5000GBP, is this a little excessive???

    Many thanks,


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    Quantum 503

    I'd say so. I'd also want a Betts test on sail and stitching.

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    Quantum 503

    Hi Damien,
    As a comparison I have just sold a 503 Quantum on behalf of a customer: on AFORS it sold at the asking price of 5250 with 5L of 2T oil and 40L of fuel in the tank.
    Spec was:
    370hrs / new crank at 300hrs
    Wing strip at 300hrs with new leading edge panels
    Elec start - E box with 3 blade Arplast prop
    Carb heat, strobes, bar heaters
    Beautiful condition, strong sail, all paperwork there.
    Long Permit to Fly


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