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Thread: Removing radio noise

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    Removing radio noise

    Thanks dave

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    Removing radio noise

    Remember and don't transmit whilst aerial is unplugged as you may damage the radio if you do

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    Removing radio noise

    When I first set-up my radio in my trike...I wired it the same as you from a small 1.2ah batt.

    That was the intercom and radio from the same battery...I was getting some odd noises on rx and tx...I tried running the 2 items from separate batts and my noise went....but saying that it wasn't an ignition/engine type noise.

    I presume you have the squelch fully in the quite position???


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    Removing radio noise

    Thanks nick. Actually I don't have the squelch fully quiet so maybe that's it. I'll try it like that and see if it helps. It is defiantly engine type interference.

    Love your videos by the way....


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    Removing radio noise

    I found my radio was reasonably quiet until I switched on my GPS - It's actually an old iphone 4 but it has no sim card and all the stuff like wifi, bluetooth etc are switched off. Even so as soon as I switch on the iphone I have to turn up the squelch on the radio by a significant amount.
    Steve - if you are using a GPS have you tried switching it off?

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    Removing radio noise

    Thanks Mike. At the moment I haven't used a gps, although I do have one, a pilot III. I'm going to try the tips above to see if that will help.

    By the way, I love your youtube dragonfly videos. You must post some more. If I didn't fly an ace magic cyclone, I'd definitely have a dragonfly for sure, they look like a bundle of fun and the engine just purrs on them. Very nice.

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    Removing radio noise

    Thanks Steve - pity I didn't have the camera on today as it was a bit of a handful in a 90 degree crosswind and tons of turbulence coming over the village. I was glad to get it down in a straight line and tucked it away pretty promptly.

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