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Thread: Fuel system set up

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    Fuel system set up

    Good new is I have fitted a 20k micro farad capacitor so that was a good decision and seems to work really well. I do have a bigger battery which from memory is about 7 ah but it doesn't fit as neatly into the set up I have and without a pod etc it's a pain trying to find places to put things on the magic, plus also the weight difference in the batteries is quite a bit, so for the moment until I can rethink the layout, I'll probably keep with the primer bulb and by by pass idea. I fly from Sittles in staffs near Lichfield and like you we are waterlogged. Thanks so so much for your help you are a star.

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    Fuel system set up

    I know that mounting stuff on a podless trike can be 'challenging', especially when your keel like mine (Chaser) is round!
    I have used slightly oversized (allow for rubber packing) 'exhaust clamps' to very good effect - battery 'table' on chaser is two 61mm exhaust clamp bodies (not u rod) being joined by two strips of small section angle aluminium. Fits a treat, is held on with tie wraps and luggage strap and has not budged in 60 hours flying.
    I would not be too worried about where to site things - weight shift trikes just 'swing' to a new position accommodating C of G changes. Only thing to be careful of is that on empty fuel the rear wheels touch first (think I remember minimum 100mm higher ride height to front as compared to rear).

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