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Thread: Blade trike stolen.

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    Blade trike stolen.

    Blade trike, 582 blue top, yellow pod etc. stolen from Newnham Herts on 18th Feb 16. please make contact if you see or hear anything.
    Andy Smith, please email flowsetters(at)

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    Blade trike stolen.

    Could you post photos please?

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    Blade trike stolen.

    Kestutis, PM sent, thanks for your interest.

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    Blade trike stolen.

    I will keep my ear to the ground for you.

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    Blade trike stolen.

    Thanks Mark, grateful for any help.
    Andy Smith

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    did anything come of this?

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    Nope, thieving bugger got away with it.

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    Sorry to hear that Andy, but welcome anyway and hope that all is now OK.

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