I gave up microlight flying when I married in 1988, but never got around to passing on my two now very old aircraft. We are about to move into smaller premises and so they must go. I am offering them free to anyone who would like to make use of them - to restore to flying status or as a source of spares material. The aircraft are an Eagle and a Mainair Sealander. Both are single-seaters and powered by the Robin 244 cc 18 HP engine. They were manufactured around 1982. The Eagle is American and of unconventional design, having a canard foreplane with lateral control by ‘rudders’ at the wingtips and pitch by a combination of weight-shift using the pilot’s weight on a suspended seat and an elevator on the foreplane controlled by cords attached to the seat harness. The Sealander is a conventional weight-shift trike. A small trailer designed for the trike is also available. They have been stored in a dry, stone-built outhouse. The location is in the Derby area.