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Thread: Fuel filler extension.

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    Bryan Smy

    Fuel filler extension.

    I have difficulty in filling with fuel especially when on a trip and some luggage in the rack on top of the fuel tanks. Has anybody made some kind of extension to screw on the tank and that comes out the side of the aircraft. We tend to fly long distances here and usually have to refill en route. Just complted 320nautical mile trip again and headwinds made it imperitive to refuel. Planning another long trip next month. The Skyranger flies so well with the Jabiru motor but full load does become little thirsty.
    Bryan Erasmus

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    Fuel filler extension.

    there are two fuel filler mods available for the Skyranger that I am aware of, Flylight supply one of them but will fit either. It requires a Minor Mod form filling in.

    Here is the one I fitted from Mick O'Connor:

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    Fuel filler extension.

    I purchased mine from Mick, great bit of kit, and saves you a load of hassle when refuelling whilst boarding ;-)

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    Ranger Rich

    Fuel filler extension.


    Not too silly a question I hope...

    Who is Mick and how do I buy one of his external fillers? That looks excellent.

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