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Thread: Regreasing nose wheel leg of Nynja

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    Regreasing nose wheel leg of Nynja

    Hi I am about to regrease the front nose wheel leg guide on my Nynja. What is the better grease to use for this. Is the dry lube type of grease stick better or another type of grease. Also has anyone fitted a gease nipple to the upper tube to allow regreasing with a grease gun? If a grease nipple would work where should I place it/ (At the top front of tube?? Thanks Mike

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    Regreasing nose wheel leg of Nynja

    We just use regular multi purpose grease. Other types may work as well or better.

    Grease nipples on both guides would make the job easier. In UK at least it would require a mod approval. Rule number one is don't drill holes in primary structure without approval - or you might end up having to change the part - and these would be quite tricky to change without taking apart lots of other bits..!


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    Regreasing nose wheel leg of Nynja

    Hi Paul

    I did not drill and bought some of the Spray grease that seems to be good as it penetrates and leaves a non running grease layer.



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