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Thread: Shadow CD as SSDR

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    Shadow CD as SSDR

    Hello guys, anyone here have done the SSDR conversion on Shadow CD?

    I would like to know if it is possible and what do I need to do.

    I have e-mailed the CAA but have no response yet.

    Thanks all for help.


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    Shadow CD as SSDR

    Hi Julio,

    Its very easy , I am sure there is a form somewhere , just fill it in and send it off.
    You need to state what you propose to do to convert it from a two place ( some would say! ) plane to a single seat which can be as easy as removing the belt and cushions I think.
    You will have the strange experience of going from a fully approved plane to 390Kg Max and have the same plane approved to only 300Kg. I have no idea how they would defend that in a court ;-)
    You also finish up with a great touring machine which is cheap as chips to buy and run. no permit fees repairs and changes are all at no cost and down to you as to how you do them.
    It does not get much better for the cheap end of flying.

    Give the BMAA tech office a call , I am sure they will help with the details

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    Shadow CD as SSDR

    As Mick says the minimum is to remove the rear seat belts.
    Legally all seats in a UK Reg aircraft must have a seat belt... ergo... no belt... no seat.

    You simply need to advise the CAA what you propose to do to ensure it will comply with the SSDR regulation on CAA form

    Civil Aviation Authority Information Notice IN-2014/101

    and then e-mail this declaration to
    or fax to (020) 7453 6670
    or mail to:
    Aircraft Registration
    CAA House
    59 Kingsway
    WC2B 6TE

    I "converted" my CD in March 2015 and to be certain it was accepted, I also specified that I intended inhibiting access to the passenger compartment.. (thin 10mm ali strip diagonally across bay) and affix "Passengers prohibited" and new MAW stickers, .......... bit of an overkill?

    "Deregulated" by the CAA within a couple of days.

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    Shadow CD as SSDR

    Thank you guys, I was bit confusing about what form I need to fill, thanks for the advice Mick and thanks for the link Wally.

    I have already filled and sent the form, CAA returned to me saying they followed my application to BMAA and they are waiting for a recommendation from them.

    Let you know after how I getting on.


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