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    Can anyone help with this please. I have a fully working flyangel which is based on the road angel 7000. The maps are well out of date but I read sometime back that memory maps can be put onto the unit. Flymaps are far to expensive to consider. I have contacted memory map but their help was no use at all. I remember that someone put up a formula to enable MM to be downloaded onto a sd card and the existing settings within the unit to accept MM onto it. Can someone point me in the direction?

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    flyangel Professional

    Send a PM to Terry Viner. He may be able to help. Otherwise I think there is something on Microlight Forum somewhere.

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    flyangel Professional

    Thanks Sean for the info.

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    Don't want to pour cold water.... but I believe that is one reason Memory Map changed the format of their Maps... to stop such use.
    May be wrong.. but whilst I could previously get Memory map working on Win CE based machines (i.e Roadangel) not sure if one can with the new map format.
    Try looking on the New Zealand Memory Map site
    Hope it helps

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    I have a complete flyangel /road angel system lying in the bottom of a drawer somewhere if you are looking for spares to be honest the aware was even a better piece of kit and I didn't rate that too highly either but as has been said the mm maps were changed to stop use but there was another of the system maps that could be used can't remember which offhand.

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    flyangel Professional

    Thanks to you all for the info. My Flyangel unit is working perfectly ok but I just though as I have memory maps it would be nice to transfer them onto it as sometime back like you say you were about to do so. Memory map who I spoke to had not idea or they did not want the trouble of giving out the information. Just a nice little unit to strap round you leg as a back up. They were very expensive when they first came out in a nice leather holder etc. We just stick to the aware and the good old map.

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