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Thread: Sherwood KUB

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    Sherwood KUB

    For those that are of the SSDR persuasion and for that matter those that aren't but like good performing aircraft the Sherwood KUB has been fitted with a 50hp Hirth twin, the performance is nothing short of epic. Whilst the Polini did a good job on 36.5hp the Hirth has given it a good dose of whatever the Russian Olympics team had been prescribed by their government.

    Climb rate 1000 ft per min, STOL into and out of unprepared strips, a cricket pitch is too big, fantastic aileron and flap performance, plus 2 minute wing fold.... Available as Kit, Fast Build Kit or Finished aircraft, a proper 3 axis aircraft, and don't forget Slow is the new Fast, although with a Vne of 100mph and a cruise of 75 to 85mph it isn't that slow either

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    Sherwood KUB

    I recently met a man who has recently flown the Kub - and was very impressed. If I didn't have my own project, I would be very tempted.

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