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Thread: Access to Shadow Choke & Throttle

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    Access to Shadow Choke & Throttle

    Hi All

    I need to adjust my choke lever (maybe even replace it) as it won't stay on, but I can't access the nut on the back. It's inside the console that holds the throttle as I'm sure you all know and while I can just about get my finger to the nut I can't hold it or get a spanner/pliers in there. Does anyone have any ideas please?

    I wondered whether removing the throttle lever would make it any easier to access the back of the choke lever - any thoughts and how might it be done?

    By the way, anyone know where I can get a replacement choke lever - is it a 'standard' motorbike part?

    Many thanks, Terry

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    Access to Shadow Choke & Throttle

    Terry, l have a spare. Pm me your address and l'll post it off to you. No charge, but l may ask you to help me move house, or kill someone one day :-)

    By the way, it is fiddly but l fed the nut in on a loop of wire.....

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    Access to Shadow Choke & Throttle

    As Graham says.. fiddly.... worse bit is stopping the nut rotating when removing.
    I welded the end of a ring spanner to a 15mm wide strip of 1mm steel, which after suitable "bending" allowed me to position it over the nut to undo it

    To replace stick the nut in the spanner with chewing gum, blue tack or even grease.... better still fit a captive nut.

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    Access to Shadow Choke & Throttle

    Thanks Wally, excellent advice!

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