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    quantum GTR

    I think P&M are missing a trick here. I can get a Profi TL from aeros or even the latest topless hotship from the US to go on my quantum. Larry from evolution trikes will make up a longer A-frame to suit the quantum for me as well but p&m won't do it. Maybe I'm wrong but would they sell a few to 912 quantum owners wanting to give their beast a new look? Sure the a-frame position would need a bit of tweaking to ensure you can mush the wing around the 40 mph Mark and maybe get the electric trim fitted, but it is possible as there are a few in the USA with topless wings...

    Anyone else feel they would go for it if available??

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    quantum GTR


    I agree with you about the topless wing, it would make sense, and after all, Pegasus as they were at the time, experimented with the Bandit wing on a Quantum originally, which led to the Quik series of aircraft. The only thing is, I think Bill said they cut the monopole down on the experimental plane to match the shorter A frame of the Bandit wing, rather than doing it the other way round and fitting a larger A frame to the wing.

    As for retrofitting a Quantum with a more modern, i.e. topless wing, I think P+M are struggling a bit at the moment to keep afloat, and stretching themselves even thinner by working on the modifications necessary to do the fitting might be a stretch too far. So it might be best to get someone else to do the longer A frame work for you, and once it's all done and dusted, talk to Bill about getting P+M to offer your design as a factory option.

    Best regards,

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    quantum GTR

    This makes no sense for P&M, why reinvent the wheel. The latest top less wings from them are superb in performance however they are matched to trike, look at the differences of longer nose due to moving front strut forward. The bigger wheel spats to add directional stability, to which these wings need.
    I flew an air bourne XT in NZ fitted with their latest top less creation above 80mph it started to set up yaw oscillations. Mentioned this to Bill Brookes he was not surprised.
    He is the best in the business so best to listen to his wise words.

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    quantum GTR

    Henry, a couple of things to think about;
    When you lengthen the control frame you reduce the range of control input that is possible. That is why when P&M went to the Quik they changed the position of the hangpoint by changing the monopole instead.

    When they changed the monopole they also changed the trike keel. The pivot point at the bottom of the monopole is in a different position, further forward, than on the Quantum so that the monopole is more upright.

    and as Mike says you will also need the Quik wheel spats, can't remember if they fit straight on because the Quik has disc brakes and the Quantum has drums.

    so, not quite as simple as it first appears (like a lot of things in life).

    Why not ask about it at Telford?

    Laurie (2)

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    quantum GTR

    To go faster with a smaller wing you'd need a more powerful engine.

    There's no Quantum trike certified with more than an 80 hp engine.

    So, a lot of work when there is already a Super Quantum, it's called the GT450.

    Added to which P&M would do a lot of work to reduce the sales of Quik Rs and GTRs.

    Why would they do that?

    Laurie and Mike have nailed it, the changes to the trike go with the wing.

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    quantum GTR

    Rather than reinvent the wheel or look for quik speeds, I'm suggesting something to tap into a market that cannot afford a new GT quikR, or GTR. A guy with a high hour q2 and about 6-7 grand to invest could just about stretch to an early quik if he had a buyer for his own but if not he is going to be flying the quantum for a while longer and P&M have nothing to offer these people except spare parts. The market for new trikes in this part of the world is decreasing as far as I can see from my conversations. I may be wrong and even if they did do it the price would be more like 10k which would surely make no sense then but someone who had a mind to could probably look up the New registrations over the last 5 years and see how many sales there were and how many quantum 912's there are still active.
    Ok I'll go to bed now

    P.s bigger spats just bolt on as the early quiks were drum brakes

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    quantum GTR

    Henry I agree with you that two things appear to be true;

    All the new 2 seat Flex are beyond the pocket of the market as it used to be.

    People who do have 35k to spend are not buying Flexs.

    What's the answer? I just don't know.

    Laurie (2)

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    quantum GTR

    The microlight market has a lot of choice compared to the heydays of flexwing flying. With MAUW increases and rotax 912 engines has given real choice. However in fairness to P&M they did not stand still, continuous development on trikes and wings leading to the present top less QuikR/GTR have outstanding performance the equal to many fixed. Horses for courses on what you choose depends on circumstances.
    Would agree new prices for all microlights is high due to the Rotax 912 taking a large chunk of cost, however it has changed the market giving fantastic reliability allowing microlights to retain value. Look at market QuikR/GTR 35K with similar fixed wings 50-70k, rotorcraft about the same. So the latest flexes are competitive on equal performance with ability for short farm strip operations safely. One thing we don't seem to consider is syndicated ownership on flexwingsale as we do on fixed.

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    quantum GTR

    I think Bob's idea above is the most likely way forward by someone doing the donkey work and then getting it as a factory option. I'd have no problem doing it for them if they supply the parts, but ssdr with a 582 quantum may be an option if the weights work out.... Problem for me is I'm based in Ireland!

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