I was pleased to receive a note from Stuart Buchanan that the Foundation pledges he organised raised a total of 931 in the year to 31 August.

You will recall that these took the form of pilots pledging an amount per flying hour to be donated to the Microlight Flying Foundation, a charity which I set up a couple or so years ago to raise money for bursaries and for our build-a -plane projects.

One of the reasons I set up the MFF was that I thought that the generosity of microlight pilots could be mobilised to raise significant funding for these projects rather than leaving them to be financed out of BMAA members' funds. On the basis that we have more than 3,000 members, the amount raised equates to less than 30 pence a head, so hardly an exhibition of major generosity. There are many who are happy to come on here and spout off about all issues ranging from safety to training to touring and yet seem unable to support this very worthy cause which should advance these things.

Come on folks - let's make a fuerther and greater effort to support this endeavour more seriously. Stuart has put a lot into organising this pledge campaign and deserves your support in return. I was always slightly uneasy about using BMAA money for financing bursaries (as I knew that not everyone supported the idea and there was no democratic vote on whether it should be done that way) and that is partly why I set up the Microlight Flying Foundation in the first place.

Details of how to pledge can be obtained from the BMAA/MFF and I am sure will be featured in MF magazine again this year.

Let's not reinforce any belief that microlighters are tight fisted gits!

Rick Goddin
Founder, MFF