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Thread: BMAA Freedom Rally at Enstone 2018

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    I attended most of Martyn's 'Hurricane' design lecture but had to leave before the end for some fresh air, the weather being so warm and the room being so full. It did give me the chance to sit and chat with the inimitable Ted Barratt, well into his 90s the UK's oldest qualified and current microlight pilot.

    Back in the club room and parked nearer to a window for fresh air alongside hubby-dear and Tom Dawson, Adrian's discussion about considerations and products for converting his Shadow to electric power was interesting too. Rotax and Jabiru don't need to worry about the competition for the touring market yet, but for local bimbling in a development proptotype I think the technology's nearly there. At present though, it'd probably take around a thousand hours for financial break-even on the initial investment.

    I agree with Bob too on the pleasant conversations (both short and long) to be had with the visitors and participants.

    I'll leave it to others to write about the aircraft to be seen, and I look forward to the inevitable and inimitable words in MF by editor Geoff Hill about the amazing Sub-70 flying pedal tricycle!

    PS. Bob PM sent.
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