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Thread: TLAC and the C42

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    TLAC and the C42

    Good news for C42 owners. I see from their newsletter that TLAC at Little Snoring in Norfolk are now the UK distributors for the C42.
    Well done to Paul and the team! Best wishes for the future.
    Martin Watson
    Microlights in Norfolk
    Fixed Wing Instruction - Exams and GSTs - Revalidations
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    That is Good News indeed. Paul will soon get things back on an even keel. I wish them all well.

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    Dear All Happy Christmas

    Now working hard to get all the paperwork in place for the CAA, submission due 2nd Jan 2018. We have quested a pile of data from Comco 1 piece is spares usage for the last 3 yeas so we can get stock level right for 98% first pick availability, big learning curve but we are getting there. Keep an eye on our website for updates.


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