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Thread: Looking for somewhere to go?

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    Looking for somewhere to go?

    I just flew in to Old Warden; No landing fee. The museum (Shuttleworth Collection) ticket was only 10.50 and the restaurant is now extended so less crowded than it used to be.

    Well worth a trip. Make sure you PPR.
    Laurie (2)

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    I'd go along with that Laurie, lovely airfield, good restaurant, friendly folk and what is probably one of the best museums anywhere. Plus the aditional pleasure of not knowing what you will be sharing the circuit with.

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    So what about your favourite airfields folks, and why? As a starter these are some of mine

    Old Warden, reasons as previously stated

    Fenland, a nice welcoming field with a great resturant and has fuel available

    Cromer, what a great crowd of folks, lovely airfield a nice, little cafe for snacks, mogas available and has a taxi next door for the short ride to Cromer itself

    Duxford, nice airfield with a realy helpful AFIS that realy know thier stuff several restuurants(OK but way short of Fenland) and 2hrs of free museum entry

    That is just a few of those that I've enjoyed, there are plenty more. What are your top fields and why.

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    Once the runway is less suitable for floatplanes, Old Warden is on my list for a weekend away. Favourite has to be Sandown for taking passengers.
    Old Sarum is a good place to go with a helpful tower crew who are really on the ball and a strip that is never waterlogged.

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    It's many years since I last visited Old Sarum but I remember it as pleasent place, nice to know that still holds good.

    If you are visiting Old Warden it's worth nipping into Sandy, it is little more that a hop over the hedge and they are a good crowd there. Whatever you do I'm sure that you'll enjoy.

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    I'm in Ireland. Have not toured in Scotland yet. Hoping to correct that this year. Not flown across the water in a long time. But remember fondly visiting Ince Blundell, Otherton, Popham, Fishburn, Wing Farm, Sandown and Pound Green. Always received very warm welcomes, fuel runs and lovely stop off's. Also remember visiting a Flyin at Bolt Head and was invited to Eggesford Airfield where I got to see the largest collection of Austers I believe in the World. Been to many more but those are the ones which stand out.

    Loads of beautiful friendly Airfields in Ireland. Way too many to mention, but some of my favourite are, Finn Valley in Donegal, Kernan Aviation in Tandragee, Limetree, Bantry, Fermoy, Slieve Croob, Newtonards, Granard, I could go on. Visit Ireland sometime to tour. We are spoilt.

    Happy New Year, safe flying to all in 2018. Not posted on this Forum in a long long time. Great to have it back.


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    Hi Damien, good to hear from you, I hope that you are getting plenty of flying done.

    For those that are thinking of nipping over the water could you fill in a little detail, cafe, clubhouse or a good bunch of guys? that sort of thing.

    I'm afraid I doubt I'll be trundling over, but there could be several that are. If you get around my way, Essex or generaly East Anglia please give me a shout.

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