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Thread: New Airfield & Info from NATS AIS newsletter

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    New Airfield & Info from NATS AIS newsletter

    I have just received my latest update from NATS AIS newsletter, Southern England & Wales and find a couple of items of interest in my stomping grounds.

    The first one is that we seem to aquired another Grove Farm airfield in addition to a couple of similar named ones. This one is NW of Beccles and is marked as "Intense Microlight Activity", sounds interesting.
    As a matter of interest the similarly named ones are Grove Fm (AKA Viners) near Wolverhampton and Grove Moor Fm, Treswell, Nottinghamshire.. Does anyone know more?

    The other one looked a bit worrying at first sight "Cromer Northrepps. Delete ultralight/microlight site. However a check on the lat/longs given suggests that this referes to the previous Cromer, Northrepps that has, as far as I know been out of use from several years. A bit odd though as I thought only the present site was indicated on the chart.

    I would be handy if someone had more info on the first and could confirm the second, thanks.

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    There’s an airfield in Oxfordshire, marked as disused, called Grove. I believe Airbox operate at that site. Don’t know though if it’s used for flying.
    The news of the Cromer deletion is worrying. You are right that the old site, several fields away, hasn’t been used for some time, but as it isn’t marked on current charts there is a danger that the current, flourishing airfield could be deleted from the chart. Perhaps a note to NATS/CAA or whoever compiles the new chart changes from permanent Notams wouldn’t be wasted Ginge.

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    I believe the Grove Farm near Beccles is a private airstrip. When I was doing my training at Beccles which has a East-West runway we had permission to use Grove Farms North-South strip for circuit practice

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    Hi Al, I have sent an e-mail to NATS asking for clarification about Cromer and explaining what I think was happening. If and when I get a reply I'll let you know

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    Thanks for that Lee, with the "intense microlight activity" possibly it is being opened up a little more. What sort of length are we looking at, and vitally important tea making facilities?

    I see it marked on Skydemon light giving a contact phone number, maybe I'll try for PPR this coming summer. It is coming, honest.

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    More Grove ...

    Grove to the south west of Oxford is defintely not in use and has not been for a very long time. Some people (round here) say "Grove" to mean Landmead farm but that is not on any map so that's not going to confuse anyone.

    Laurie (2)

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    Hi Ginge
    The ‘Grove Farm’ near Beccles is well established, and known locally as Raveningham.

    See Google earth at : 52deg 30’N - 001deg 32.20’E

    Happy New Year to all & fly safe.
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    Thanks John, the "Intense Microlight Activity" sounds promising and it now being marked on charts also has promise. That with a well established airfield could indeed be worth a visit, anyway I hope to drop in to see you sometime this summer.

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