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Thread: new CAA guidance about lost, stolen etc log books

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    Sat in an examiners meeting at Deddington talking about thus with CAA rep. BMAA will seek approval form CAA to do the interview procedure for members

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    Thats good to hear Paul and sensible.
    I asked the question to the BMAA as the CAA quote a UK Approved Examiner can verify documents. In the past I have had a difference of opinion from the CAA when some of the lads applied for a radio licence, I hold the R rating so signed, but one person in the CAA at that time questioned it, so a different examiner was sought. So I asked the question and got this reply, which if feel is correct and a sensible approach by the BMAA from Aaron.
    I pointed out that I have started to take photographs of the page with the new C of E Cert in the log book in case of loss.

    It clearly states 'UK-Approved Examiner' as one of the people who is allowed to certify documents. If your examiner authority is current, I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to certify documents.

    Taking pictures of the logbook C of Es sounds eminently sensible. Going through likely scenarios of candidates losing logbooks, the only time the new process would absolutely have to be followed would be if a pilot needs hours to claim to become an instructor of some kind. Otherwise, if a student loses a logbook, the school's student records could be used to recreate it. If a PPL pilot loses a logbook in between keeping a rating current, but you have a picture of the last rating revalidation (and they still have their licence), a logbook can just be started from scratch, ignoring previous hours.

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