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Thread: Oxford and Brize Norton Airspace Change proposal

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    Oxford and Brize Norton Airspace Change proposal

    As the title suggests, airspace change proposals have been lodged for Oxford and Brize Norton.
    Copied and pasted link here:

    This link might need to be massaged by someone in the know. Alternatively go to the News link on the BMAA website.

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    A strongly worded piece in this months MF from Geoff Weighell about this airspace grab.

    He asks all of us to read teh documents and respond individually (the BMAA is responding as well).

    I imagine it'll be a cure for insomnia but I think it's worth the effort.

    Laurie (2)

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    Hope there's more sucess in stopping or limiting this than we had with Southend.
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    I'm heartened by the apparent success we had with the Farnborough Airspace grab.

    I went to the big meeting and absolutely everybody was there. The presentations made it very easy to see what was going on and how to send in an objection. I don't know if this one affects enough people to do the same but it definitely seemed that best way to mobilise our forces.

    Laurie (2)

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    My attention was drawn to this response by the All Party Parliamentary group

    It seems to give considerable hope

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