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Thread: Xair Falcon

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    Xair Falcon

    I would like to fit a petrol gauge to my Xair Falcon can anyone help with any information on where to get suitable parts ect.

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    Youmight want to check these out,

    and consult with tec office of course

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    Thank you very much I will have a look as you suggest.

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    I hope that it's good for you, Belite have a decent reputation in the states. It'd be great if you keep folks on here in touch. I'll bet there are others that could benifit from it, but they seem a shy, retiring lot on here

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    Will let you know what I eventually do.

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    I am presently dealing with Metal Seagulls re a petrol gauge for my Xair Falcon. They are the UK agents for Belite instruments

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    Great I look forward to hearing about it

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    I was also interested in this but lost interest when I tried to look at the page describing the capacitive sender and got "You do not have permission to view this page".

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