As mentioned in a previous thread I received last week a letter from P&M Aviation about some upgrades which are available for the Quantum range of Aircraft. In total there are 5 upgrades available under Mod 324, some of which are Major Mods done at the factory and whereby your aircraft will be test flown following the work. There are also a couple of Minor Mods, spats and fairings for uprights and Kingpost. The result is an increase of speed to 70 mph.

Well done to P&M Aviation. I think it is an excellent idea. There are many Quantums out there and the upgrades are I believe well priced. For around £2,500 to £3,000 a Quantum could be completely upgraded including a wing inspection at the factory.

I was considering holding onto my Quantum 503 for another 2-3 years with the aim of hopefully upgrading to a Quik 912 or a GT450. However now I think I could have a similar speed range from my Quantum following the upgrades. Plus I might consider buying a second hand 912 to nail onto the back whilst I am at it. It is certainly some food for thought. Not something I can do right now, but a plan for the future.

I wish P&M Aviation every success with this plan and I hope fellow Quantum owners make the investment and get their much loved Quantums upgraded to the Quantum Leap. Would be a very nice article for the BMAA Magazine. Looking forward to hearing more.