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Thread: How to Use Whiz Wheel Reminder

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    How to Use Whiz Wheel Reminder

    NOW FREE!!!!

    While waiting for the weather to improve over the shorter months I decided to make an Android App of a Whiz Wheel.
    It's called WindECalc!

    Lite Version now available for FREE! at:

    For a very small fee (59p - no adds) available at:

    WindECalc is a use anywhere app of the “Whiz Wheel” used by pilots for navigation since the late 1930’s.
    Even today the Whiz wheel is used during pilot training and as a back-up when the electronics fail.
    Once mastered and used regularly the Whiz Wheel is a very efficient calculation tool.
    WindECalc allows practise anytime, anywhere and ensures you are ready to use a physical version of the Whiz Wheel when ever the need arises.
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