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Thread: SSDR scale Hurricane.

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    Looks great but cant find any specs or details on build/materials used/engine/etc which is a bit frustrating !! Does anyone know much more about this interesting project ?

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    Did you go to the SSDR rally today? The bloke who built it gave us a lecture, complete with photos, showing how he went about designing it and putting it all together. Fascinating stuff, and well worth sweating for in the clubhouse at Enstone in order to get to hear about the process from start to finish.
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    No took grandsons the Fairford. I wish the guy who built it was willing to share a bit more about his project on line. I have seen several forums and groups asking about it but it remains a mystery !!

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    I think he spends his spare time designing, building and flying aircraft rather than posting stuff on the internet.

    He's also a member of the BMAA technical team (who are volunteers, not like the BMAA Technical Office who are staff members).

    He's a decent guy, so a polite email to him might deliver a copy of his presentation slides.

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