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Thread: Transfer of Registration from Irish to UK Register

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    Transfer of Registration from Irish to UK Register

    Anyone any experience of transferring a Microlight from the Irish reg to UK reg - in this case Eurostar EV97? Keen to know any difficulties or pitfalls.


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    As nobody has come back to you yet John i'd thought that I'd try to give a couple of ideas. The first one is a call to the UK importers and ask if there is anything different in the spec for UK/Ireland and the next is the check that it conforms the all the CAA MPDs for aircraft and engine. Here in the TADS you'll find most of the info you want.

    Having got the answers to probable questions give the BMAA a ring to ask what hoops, if any, that you have to jump through.

    I hope that helps a bit

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    Hello John,

    I have experience of moving a UK registered Microlight to the Irish System. I also moved it back to the UK registration when I was selling it. The process was easy. Firstly you have to contact the IAA and give notice that you are changing the registration and putting it on a UK registration. When the IAA give you written notice that the Aircraft Registration has been cancelled you can then apply to the CAA and request registration onto the UK G- registration using the document from the IAA as proof that the Aircraft has been de-registered. It really was pretty simple. Now the only reason I can see a potential pitfall is if the Aircraft you are moving onto the UK registration is not Section S compliant. There is no Section S applicable in Ireland, allowing Irish Microlight Pilots to import Microlights from anywhere in Europe. However as these are not Section s compliant Aircraft they can not be registered in the UK.


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    Ginge and Damien
    Many thanks for your input. Very helpful and great pointer

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