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Thread: Seeking three-axis group/share in Bedfordshire

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    Seeking three-axis group/share in Bedfordshire

    Hi all,

    Iíve recently moved to Bedfordshire and am keen to find a locally-based aircraft group/club to become part of. I already own a share in a C42 but it is based quite some distance from Bedfordshire and Iím keen to find an aircraft to fly that is closer to home and doesnít require a long journey to get to! Does anyone know of any three axis groups that have shares going or clubs that have self-fly hire schemes? Or even individuals who are looking to share some flying? Iíve tried Sandy but there are not many three axis options there. Plaistows/Booker both a little too far away.

    Any suggestions on groups/individuals/airfields to approach would be very welcome!

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    Ask at Sackville Farm
    Tim Wilkinson owns it.
    Martin Watson
    Microlights in Norfolk
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