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Thread: An unplanned arrival

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    I will be stripping the whole engine to check for further damage and crack testing the crankshaft.
    Fortunately, the engine didn't seize but rattled to a stop after I cut the mags. Seizure would probably have damaged the prop too.
    Pete T.

    "A closed mouth gathers no feet".

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    That looks like a pretty thorough job Pete, I can only wish you all the best with it.

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    Good decision to hit the switches when you did.

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    Very true, I remember with embarrassment my engine out in a little AX3 years ago. I had plenty of height and got back to the runway easily, even getting rid of height to end up where I wanted on the runway. Feeling quite chuffed with myself I unstrapped only to notice that I'd neglected to switch off or turn off the fuel. My chuffedness dissipated very quickly

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