I think it is wonderful that Microlights have evolved. It's also wonderful that you can spend thousands on GPS, Radio, Transponders, Aircraft Avoidance Systems, Airspace Avoidance Systems, and a small fortune on a brand new expensive hot ship if you have the money to do so.

But with two small kids at home, a busy job and the normal family responsibilities plus the crap weather most of the time I have a Hangar Queen. And I love her. She is a Quantum 503 with the most fantastic GPS which I bought on eBay for 20 and an Airspace Aware which I won years ago for writing an article in the BMAA Magazine. I plan to fly more this year and get above the 40 hours I logged last year, aiming for 50.

For me the real beauty of Microlights is that there is something out there to suit everyone, rich and well off, or not so rich and well off. It's affordable and I am proud to be a Microlighter. But autopilots in a Microlight, Too far for me personally, but well done to that mans engineering skills and the 3 expensive GPS's and everything else on top of the purchase price of the Aircraft to run the Auto pilot system. But I agree, each to their own and it's great that if someone wants to put an Autopilot in their aircraft, then they can legally do so.