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Mandatory” AD136 from Rans USA dated 2010 -

Oil Pressure switch blow out occurrence danger notice has belatedly been added to the TADS for Rans S6 a/c.
Beware of this "Gotcha" as it has has probably NOT been seen by you, or your Inspector !
The TADS refer to the Rans USA PDF with full details on what to do.

The optional Rans oil pressure on/off switch facing forwards on the lower left of the engine (Below the oil pressure gauge sender) is only used to turn on the optional Hobbs hours counter. Rans USA have warned this switch can blow through and high pressure engine oil all pumped overboard.
There's no warning or alarm for this occurence unless you happen to land before your engine runs dry and find an enormous oil leak has occurrred. (I found out the semi hard way last November !!)

The cure is an inexpensive screwed in plug (eBay) replacing the dodgy switch and reconnecting the Hobbs leads to come on when ignition is on.

mike hallam