My poor MiniMax took very little damageDSC_0300.jpg following a loss of power and a forced landing into rough terrain. Nothing too drastic but I offered it as a project and had resolved to fly the club plane from here on in.
I had a little money saved and at only 61, I thought of bringing forward the mid life crisis and buying that convertible.
On Monday the unheard of occurred. The company awarded me a bonus! Not a huge one but the difference between affording another aircraft or being just that tiny bit short of what I wanted.
I parked next to the proposed sports car at Lidl to show one to Woman Belong Me who was very mildly enthusiastic but more focussed on groceries. This takes as long as it does so I stayed in the car and started browsing. Habitually, I tend to look at Afors. S6, Tailwheel, 582, 450. Affordable.
By the time she had arrived back chortling about something she had found on offer, I had made my mind up that we were going to remain a one car household.
I have wanted one for years and this one was 350 miles away which meant that if I didn't go and have a look, I wouldn't be buying it so I took Friday off work, drove to Nottingham on Thursday night then to Durham on Friday, bought it and drove home to Poole. On the way up, I got the call from the man who bought the Minimax this morning. I wish them both many happy hours having helped load it onto his trailer. Old Sarum have a space on a tie down for the Rans so I am engaged in contriving covers, home made for reasons of economy from heavyweight Cordura with advice from my Mum who can sew buttons on cats and zips on car bonnets so yet another skill to master!
Happy Tom.