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Thread: Rougham Vintage Aircraft Flyin

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    Rougham Vintage Aircraft Flyin

    The Vintage Aircraft Flyin (All aircraft types welcome) is to be held at Rougham Airfield near Bury St Edmonds on Sat. 14th & Sun 15th August.
    A chance to enjoy this delightful airfield with its Control Tower Museum.

    The Airfield is unlicensed and operates on 123.165 MHz at all times. 900m well-mown grass runway orientated 09/27 with adjacent full-length taxiway, good airfield signage and runway marker cones. Runway 09 TORA 780m, LDA 910m, runway 27 TORA 930m, LDA 760m. 09/27 are RH circuits with 1500ft overhead join to avoid local MATZ and 1000ft circuit height.

    PPR Contact the airfield - Skyward Flight Training 07763 148640.

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    I guess you mean September, not August?
    Don't think I can make it, but it should be fun.
    Martin Watson
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    Yes, thanks Martin, maybe I was trying to hold back the seasons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginge Sunley View Post
    Yes, thanks Martin, maybe I was trying to hold back the seasons
    Well, the weather was on our side a beaut of a weekend, good flying, good company and a brilliant mix of aircraft to admire, see attached


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    Is that your TST I can see lurking in the background Ginge ?
    Just had the inspection done on mine now and was able to do the check flight on Sunday morning
    Now we are happy ! 90BBFC18-68A4-4DA4-A25F-3CB907EAAE62.jpg
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    Yup, that's us it was a great flyin. There was a a lovely Phantom, several Rans and a couple of C42s amongst the crowd but only one flex which I thought was a bit weird. The rest were a great mix of flash modern and beautiful classics, I went on the Saturday but I uderstand that Sunday was good as well.

    Yours is looking good and I bet you are itching to get some airtime, well done!

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