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    How about a trike/ wing connection where roll was driven by electric linear actuators - activated by a slider over the bar. achives pendulmn stability which should take all the shock out of turbulence, and will give feather light roll loads.

    Bugger if the fuse goes though....! (but you could rig an emergency disconnect easily enough which defaulted back to traditional steering)

    I have flown a few spoiler controlled machines. All rather crude with non linear effect and initial deadspot before spoiler breaks through boundary layer, also produce vortices at big deflections which shake the airframe. They work best as augmentation devices which pop up at large deflections of the main controls and are configured near the tip to give more yaw 'bite' rather than lift dumping. The Aeros Phantom uses them this way and calls them 'SPADS' which stands fpr something which I cant remember! The Goldwing also uses spoilers (more correctly airbrakes) that pop up at large aileron deflections.

    There is a trike which uses them maybe called the 'jaguar'. Apperantly peps up the roll rate nicely.


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    Hi Paul D,
    I had always thought something that naffed up the top surface airflow right at the tip was intrinsically a bad idea, yet so many people said this seemed the way to go.
    Yes electric linear actuators sounds everything SSDR set out to achieve: I jest of course, yet if there was even something that resisted sudden relative roll, but not at all the speed of weight-shift roll inputs, you would suddenly have a machine that opposed the violent roll of terbulence, yet didn't hinder normal steering.

    To me the fundamental sadness of the trike... especially lightweight trikes where the lump of pilot is the largest unit of mass of the all up weight, is that this mass has no initial influence or restriction on the wing.
    The challenge is to steal some of the fuselage to wing rigidity of a three axis plane, without losing the feel and control of a weightshift trike.

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