Today a phone call from Gerry gave me the opportunity to fly his Letov Sluka. This super little comfortable and enjoyable aircraft was a joy to fly and as soon as it lifted off the smile emerged ear to ear. A little nervous to start with as I have never flown a single seat aircraft and still being a relatively new pilot was a little worried about being trusted with someone else's pride and joy. Gerry I can't thank you enough and you don't know how pleased I was (now that I've flown it) that it didn't sell. I'm sure someone soon will realise what a gift this aircraft is at the price you're selling it for and all to soon it'll be gone. Your coaching of how best to fly it and land it worked a treat, and very soon I felt confident to take it a bit further from the field and practice a few delicate maneuvers and a low pass over the runway, I still haven't stopped grinning and am wishing for another day of good weather to try flying a little further and playing with the pFms sat nav as I've never flown with one as well as a chart, should be interesting as well as enlightening.

Once again thanks for the fun day, please keep it quiet how nice it is to fly otherwise someone will want to remove it from your ownership.

Best Regards