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Thread: Conventional ASI / full flap landing

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    Conventional ASI / full flap landing

    I am seriously considering buying back into the now smaller Barton CTSW syndicate but I just need to overcome a couple of negative feelings that I had when I was in it first time around:

    1) MFD and ASI. I never felt really comfortable that the Brauniger ASI was truly accurate and was convinced that it had a lag. As a pilot who can do without all instruments aside from an ASI can I ask if it is possible/reasonable/rational to fit a conventional ASI? How much would it cost and at what weight penalty? The aircraft is fitted with a BRS so has a bit of weight margin and I just feel that with speed control being so crucial to a good landing a conventional ASI would make me feel better.

    2) The CTSW is the only aircraft that I have never been able to comfortably land in all configurations - in particular with full flap. Everyone says that you don't really need full flaps but maybe one day I would but I just never mastered a successful hold off and round out with full flaps. Am I abnormal? PS - I had the best Instructor in the world in Chris Copple and seemed to manage it when he was sat next to me - but solo - I could not do it.

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    Conventional ASI / full flap landing

    Hi Tony,
    you are correct in your assumption there is a lag in the ASI on the CT. It should not cause you a problem. Get Chris to cover the ASI and let you tell him when you are at 50 Kts on approach with 30 degrees of flap. Once you have been able to nail it consistently rely on your judgement. The full flap landing just takes practice.
    Best wishes, Chris.

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