Martin Richardson wrote: Many Thanks for that Kev,

Sounds like I nice MOD I could do with.
One more detail Martin, posted on here in case someone else fancies doing this to their Blade:-

When setting up all the parts, the rear bracket is assembled onto the keel (using a strip of prop tape to avoid scratching the alloy tube) so that the hole in the shoe fits over the king post bolt, where the head protrudes from the underside of the keel tube.

As small tolerances can add up to result in the mounting itself being in a slightly different position on each aircraft, it is necessary to ensure the linear motor cannot run the hang point nylon big bush too hard up against the top nylon control frame bracket. The motor is designed to run until it is switched off at the end if it's travel, by the built- in limit switches inside. If you allow the motor ram to push against a solid stop, it will burn out the motor. This happened to a Raven when they tried to fit this, and meant a new motor had to be paid for.

So the front shoe that you are making is best placed on the existing alloy channel spacer inside the hang strap, and the motor can then be run to it's end limit with the ram fully extended. At this point a check can be made with a feeler gauge or by eye to ensure that there is a couple of millimetres clearance remaining between hang bush and control frame top bracket. Only then the holes in the alloy spacer and the side holes can be marked.

To sum up, the motor should switch itself off at each end of travel, DON'T allow the motor to push against the end stops at back and front. This may mean small adjustments to the mounting at the front. I seem to recall perhaps fitting the bracket first, then marking and drilling the front swivel hole at the correct point to get the right clearance. The back stop is just a plastic clamp, so easy to adjust.

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