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Thread: SSDR Limitations

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    SSDR Limitations

    What are the SSDR limitations in a nutshell?

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    SSDR Limitations

    Does that mean that if I designed and built an aircraft within those specs then I could just go and fly it or will I need to submit plans for approval and get it inspected and test flown etc.

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    SSDR Limitations

    In terms of insurance, this one must be a bit tricky? I can just imagine how you explain to your insurer that you've just made your aircraft out of a few metal tubes - but it's very strong, honest...... Errrr, has anyone tested the water for SSDR 3rd party insurance yet?


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    SSDR Limitations

    Does anyone know what the seat limits for a FLASH 2 are? I am hoping to be able to fly one by the time Spam 07 comes around !!!

    At the moment it is looking like I might need a Rotax 914 to power my BMI along and the current engine is a Rotax 462 which is all in bits as we speak !!

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