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Thread: Fuel Filter

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    Fuel Filter

    For anyone who has'nt seen it you need to get this done to your CT

    Cheers Mike

    Its under filter exchange link

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    Fuel Filter

    Mike, we passed this info onto our engineer, Trevor Villa, and he contacted the BMAA who say it is not yet an approved mod by them. So hold your horses my man. Ray

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    Fuel Filter

    Mike, it now seems that this could be a problem affecting more than CT's and Bill Brooks is looking into the matter. If you want more info contact Trevor Villa on Off ski-ing for a week and hopefully will get some flying when we get back. Regards Ray

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    Fuel Filter

    No formal SB has been issued to BMAA by the TAH who has expressed the opinion that the existing filter be inspected for condition and if signs of discolouration or distortion are obvious, fit an alternative filter. He suggests a transparent one. All very non specific.

    So, although BMAA has not received a formal SB, they are expecting one. So if you inspect and do decide to change the filter for any reason in the meantime, it might be sensible to follow the manufacturers SB. At least that advice is informed, official and not open to interpretation or choice.

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    Fuel Filter

    I have the exchange filter ready to fit, and being made of metal lacks the inspectability of the original. There is no evidence of harm to the original filter. I have run very little 5% alcohol fuel through the engine so that is to be expected. So the fix is one step forward and one backward IMO.

    However if the manufacturers say its a mandated safety modification, then why does a third party organisation whether BMAA or any other, get to have what is in effect a veto?

    Say for example the national approving body dragged their feet, and there was an accident in the meantime? Would an insurer fault the owner for failing to carry out that job? Conversely if I fit the filter completely correctly, and something nasty were to happen, enough for an insurer to look very closely at my plane, where would I stand with an unapproved modification?

    I think the sensible answer would be that following the manufacturer's instructions would be the correct thing. Anyone think otherwise, and why?

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