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Thread: Navigation Exam

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    Navigation Exam

    Warm classroom? Not fair ... in my day ..... :-)

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    Navigation Exam

    Let me guess......slates, chalk boards, teachers throwing wooden board dusters? Them were the days ;-)

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    I heard recently that the BMAA had taken on the responsibility of re-writing the exam papers for the examinations that are part of the BMAA microlight syllabus, I did see a reference somewhere that hinted that there will be errors if the BMAA are given this role. ( Can't recall where I saw that reference though? )

    Now my question is, I have just heard that the latest Navigation paper that the BMAA have just collated as paper M17C has some errors in it and have been recalled and that the CAA Navigation exam papers have been reintroduced until such times as the BMAA can reprint the corrected versions.

    Apparently Nav paper M17A & M17B are correct so anyone taking a nav exam should insist on the A or B editions to be certain of getting a proper result.

    Is this true or is it just a malicious rumour?

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    Henry King is not Henry King and has been banned.

    The 'malicious rumour' is true. During an update process a couple of errors in one paper weren't spotted. The correct remedial action has been taken, everyone notified, new version will replace the old.

    Rob Hughes
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    Well whoever Henry King is or isn't has no bearing on this. He pointed out something that most of us didn't know about.

    Whoever he is, it would seem he gets access to information that isn't always in the public domain.
    Barry C.

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    I didn't know about it either and I had to ask. It concerns examiners, instructors and those taking exams, who have been fully informed. Probably 'Henry King' heard it from an instructor since it's not secret information.
    Rob Hughes
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    The implication in "Henry King's" post that this error results from the CAA handing over responsibility to the BMAA for exam papers, however, is not true.
    The only change is that the CAA have delegated the DISTRIBUTION of the papers to the BMAA.
    Henry, whoever he is, is using a simple administrative error to bash the BMAA.
    No harm has been done and, as Rob says, things have been sorted. All examiners are informed and know what to do.
    Martin Watson
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    If I could just get us back on thread;

    I suggest people don't try to remember this by rote. Just remember Speed is "Miles Per Hour". So long as you appreciate that "Per" means "divided by" then you always have Speed is Distance divided by Time.

    Laurie (2)

    Quote Originally Posted by iandlee View Post
    I've been asked about D/ST, so here goes:

    The triangle is: D
    S * T

    D = Distance
    S = Speed
    T = Time

    To get any one thing you use the other two so:
    Distance = Speed * Time
    Speed = Distance / Time
    Time = Distance / Speed


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