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  • More time know to talk , I brought my Kiss G-CBLX from Telford way from a great guy who really looked after her i had her since August 06 i finished my trainning in her in Nov and have clocked up 30 hrs in her i have had some great flights with her over Cornwall where i come from now just waiting for this weather to sort it self out like the rest of you, would love to here from any Kiss oweners.

    Flexman :smile:

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    Hi John

    I have only just registered on the BMAA forum site, hence this rather late reply to you. I to bought a Kiss 400 last year (I was interested in the one you bought, but you beat me to it). Anyway, its a good machine, handles turbulence well due to high wing loading, and very comfortable to fly.

    Mine was a bit slow when I got it, but with tweaking the batterns, and moving the tips down have now got it to 57mph hands off. Only bit I don't like is its a bit of a pain to rig/de-rig.

    Where are you based? I fly from Redlands near Swindon.




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      Hi Mark

      I started to think i was on my own, Yes there are great airplanes i have had a lot of fun with mine. just waiteing for this bloody weather to sort it self out i have only managed two flights since Christmas and the last one of them was a battle.

      still better weather just around the corner. I know what you mean about rig/de-rig i have to do the same but then theres not that many now who know how to do it. I see you at Swindon Im down on the Cornish and devon border on the Tamar just out side of Saltash. It great flyin down here very little controled air space so just up get up and fly bloody great.


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        Hi John

        Yes, the weather seems to be getting worse not better. The airfield at Redlands is quite boggy, and the forecast is for more wind and rain. My last flight was on the Icicle rally up to Shobden.

        What is your fast trim speed? When I spoke to the chap you bought it from he reckoned it was 60mph plus!!

        Your local flying area sounds good. I shall have to try and get down there in the summer.


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          Hi mark
          Good to hear from you

          you asked what my trim is well it just over 60Mph which is about the best i can get.

          If you are ever down this part of the world it would be great to see you and you are more then welcome to drop in. :-)

          weather still bad no luck as yet to getting off the ground

          Have you managed to get up yet?



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            Hi John

            Thanks for the invite to drop in. We have a fly-in at Redlands in July with bar b que, pig roast and a band in the evening, plus you can camp if you want. Last year it was a great success. Try and make it if you can.

            I went to the airfield yesterday to get some flying in, but it is closed due to flooded runways. Better luck next time I suppose.




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              Hi mark are you going to Popham

              Im flying up if your there make your self known My Reg is G-CBLX

              hope to meet you

              John D


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                Hi John

                Sorry about the late reply.

                I drove to Popham as it is only 25 miles from where I live. I had a look round a couple of Kiss microlights there, so assume one of them was yours.

                I am hoping to go on the Fly-UK tour in a months time, so maybe passing near to your airfield on the way to Lands End.




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                  Hi Mark thanks for the Reply

                  My Kiss was park Just in front of the tape by the XT Tent , as it was due Poor vis we didnt get there untill 1430 so i just parked there no one seemed to mind.

                  We than left at 1700 and arrived back Eaglescott 2030 it was great day i was lead plane of three so there were alll relying on me toget them back due to the poor vis. after six hours flying we all had a will ernt beer. :lol:

                  I am hoping to go to sand down

                  if your passing drope in i will give the loction later My phone number is 07967691114 just in case you need fuel etc

                  Safe Flying



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                    Hi John

                    Thanks for the invite to drop in to your airfield.

                    I have just got the Fly-UK details which show the South West leg as being a very full days flying, so am unlikely to be able to spare the time to land.

                    Perhaps another time.

                    I don't think I spotted your Kiss if it was parked infront of the XT tent. I must have left just before you arrived.

                    Managed to fly up to Shobden and Long Marsden last week - just before the wet and windy weather arrived!




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                      Hello Kissonions

                      I'm new to flying, just on the last part of my training (not past yet), I've bought a 2002 Kiss 400 (Ha ha ha!!!!!! I didn't know what the 400 meant when I bought it, only that the smaller 13sq/m wing should have less drag than the 15sq/m blades etc) and sure enough on my first solo I thought it was going to do a loop the bloody loop off the end of the strip.

                      I'm based at Headon field near Retford Gamston (nice little field, greta gang and 2 strips), hope to be as mobile as poss on passing so I hope to see other Kissonions.

                      I'm interested in getting my machine flying as efficiently as poss (wing trim) and any other advice.

                      I have made a nice upper and lower strobe fitting that could be of interest, I could att pics (when I've took them) if asked when I get to grips with this forum melarky.



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                        Paul just read your post There great little ships and you will have a lot fun her and your right she will leap of the ground but you will get use to it but on the other hand they are very forgiving treat her right and she will look after you.

                        i have had many hours of fun with flying from Cornwall to Sanddown, popham etc,

                        As to the 400 that stands 400KG all up weight and as you side 13 stands for wing area.

                        If you look on the adds padge you can see mine for sale as i have just bought a Skyranger kit.

                        Any Questions just give a me call on 01579 351087 or e-mail on

                        Mark H on this padge is also worth talking to .

                        anyway take

                        safe flying


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                          Cheers Bob

                          I would have gone for the Tanarg but the mrs loves flying like me but feels the cold SO WE HAVE GONE THREE axis

                          It s stange my kiss is in cracking condition but there dosnt seem to be any intrest only had one guy come out and he realy did like her but he was right on the weight limit for the seats. she realy is worth a look

                          Hoplfuly she will sell soon

                          take care safe flying


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                            Cheers John/everyone

                            I wasn't clear in my first post, I did know about the wing area being the square meterage because I was basing my requirements of purchase on the Quiks stats but without spending 12000 upwards but I didn't know that the 400 meant all up weight until a month or 2 ago but I'm getting there.

                            The lads up at our airfield have mentioned this Popham gig so if the weather is kind I might be passed and will come down.

                            Buying Air Creations???? I can't weight people up? in the short time I've owned my Kiss it's like a magnet to others, they come over and say what great machine they look, I tell them it flys well but they all own the Brit stuff and you can just tell they would never take any the plunge and change over.

                            I bought mine with a long term view and I am looking to get many years of enjoyment from it.

                            I'm off to the airfield now to bring my trike back to decoke it in my garage so I'll take the strobe bracket pics and bung them on next log on.



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                              Hi Paul

                              Welcome to the Kiss club. Like John I have had my Kiss 400 for approx 18 months, and am very pleased with it. It was a bit slow when I bought it, but have tweaked the wing, and it goes fine now. Its a bit of a pain to rig and de-rig, but you do get used to it.

                              The main advantage of the Kiss 400 over the larger winged machines is wing loading. You have a heavy trike supported by a relatively small wing, which generates a high wing loading. This means the machine rides turbulence very well.

                              If you want to get involved in fly-ins, then check out the Events and Competitions part of the BMAA website. I shall be trying to do as many as poss this year.

                              Good luck with the rest of your training. Might see you at Redlands (Swindon) sometime.


                              Mark Harris