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    Cheers mark

    That is very helpful/interesting info, I am will be very interested in tweaking the wing to it's optimum as on taking my trike home for a de coke i ended up having to re bore it as the piston to bore clearences were at top limit, the engine will now have the poke of a new engine so I need to get MPH up to it's most efficient.



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      OK Fellas

      What is the definition of "tweaking the wing" the only thing I know of is moving the hang point forward, other than that I'm on for any info.



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        Hi paul

        before you any do thing like moving the wing forward i would stongly recommend that you speak to Paul dewhurst as this will alter the Cof G .

        If you are trying to get an extra knot or two out of it its just not worth messing with.

        Cheers John D


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          Moving the hangpoint within the standard range is fine. drilling new positions isnt!

          There are other twaeks that make a bit of difference, but all have accompanying subtle secondary adjustment requirements, and are best done by a factory trained person.

          Best to ignore the manuals advice to tighten the luff tensioning bolt with age - unless it is getting too light in pitch - as it makes it trim slower (and needs batten string fiddling to adjust for teh movement).



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            Cheers Paul/everyone

            I wasn't concidering any drilling or anything along those lines, I might move the hang point forward in the future but I'm just gathering info at the moment.

            My wing was in Flylight the week just before xmas for a full service with test flight by PD so I'm pressuming it is basically set up as it should be? Paul?? Anyways it's been blowing a gale and snowing for days on and off up norf wier I live so we ain't gooooin anywier.



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              just like to say that I have bought John D, Kiss recently and after dragging it up the M6 that I am very pleased with the machine and its a true credit to John. We have rigged it and managed a quick test flight, and very happy indeed. A flying pal with 15 years experience says its the best flexwing he has ever flown, and he has flown them all.

              Cant wait for better weather so that I can fly around showing it off to all the P&M lovers, (being so close to rochdale and all), its superb. P&M and everyone should take a fresh look at whats about. Awesome, BUY AIR CREATION. HA HA

              I got interested in Microlighting after my first ride in an Air Creation Fun GT, 503, awesome, simple and foregiving plane to fly, one I eventually bought, brilliant little runner. Never failed me. Hoping that the 582 wont miss a beat, it didnt for john.

              If there are any Kiss owners in the north west, would love to get in touch, maybe come and see you!

              Take Care, hope the weather comes

              Yours fustrated



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                Hello Ben

                I've not passed yet but nearly there and happy to tie up when I get my ticket, just waiting for the weather, I'm up norf, based at a great little strip near Retford gamston along side the A1 not that far from you.

                I'm going up to the airfield Sun afters to see if things calm off late on seeing as the clocks go forward.



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                  :shakehead: MMMM, perfect morning, and stuck at work, promised myself the first evening in the plane, flying pal at airfield waiting for me to get there (at 4pm ) work ended, just a quick call to Alan, to see if I needed to pick up some fuel, and to my disgust it was gusting 20mph at 90 to the strip, Gutted was not the word.

                  Looks like I will just have to wait a little longer.

                  Fustrated AGAIN


                  PS thanks for the posts, would love to visit Retford Gamson, PM me for contact details, would make an interesting flyout one day. I am based at Middlewich at the moment, but looking to move a little nearer home, just looking at too sites, rossendale, and a little private strip in Oxenhope, near Keithley.

                  And to BOB, Jealous is not the word, (you must of visited Heaven, 1. Perfect Flying Day, 2 Tanarg, 3. Sat outside a hanger on a lovely sunny day (the only place to be when on the ground), 4. Free Coffee, and 5. the opportunity to rub it in!!!!



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                    Hi Paul

                    Sorry about the slow reply. If you have in flight trim on your Kiss, you should be on the front hang point anyway. You should not think about drilling different hang points in the keel (not legal anyway), and you certainly shouldn't with the Kiss because the design of the wing will increase the wing cable tensions.

                    When using the front hang point, the front lower rigging catch on the wing should be on the rearmost position. This is all in the Kiss wing manual, or chat to Paul Dewhurst at Flylight.

                    If your wing has been serviced by Flylight then you should be in good hands, and your wing should be set up OK

                    Paul (Dewhurst) mentions tightening the luff tensioning bolt. I haven't come across that, and not certain where it is anyway.


                    Mark Harris


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                      I have been out of the forum loop for a while, so was pleased to find this Kiss group. I built Kiss 400, kit number 13, and completed it in August 02. I still fly it, from a private strip between Grantham and Newark, and plan to fly it down to the Limousin, in France, late May or early June 08. I will keep it over there, as I intend spending most of my time there from, June onwards. I have Bob T to thank for putting me in touch with Dave Lord, who runs a superb training operation only 12 miles from my French home. I am looking forward to plenty of relaxed French flying and meeting Bob T for the first time.

                      I agree with previous posts - the Kiss is a real head turner, wherever it goes. It is also generous in giving confidence, especially in turbulence. I do remember my horror, though, when I saw the mountain of parts I had purchased, spread over the Flylight hangar floor. I am not very mechanically minded, but had it built, to a very high standard, in 3 months. I knew I had been meticulous in the build quality, but still felt some trepidation when Paul Dewhurst took it up for the first time.

                      Best Regards

                      Roy Redman


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                        Thanks Bob, sounds like utopia down there, I can't wait to visit! For my trip down I will need to pass through some class D airspace. Are the French controllers OK with class D transit if not transponder equipped?

                        See you soon



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                          Thanks Bob, I managed to work out a route that remains clear of class D and uses, mainly, ULM strips. I hope to leave first week in June.