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New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

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  • New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd post to say hello. I recently bought G-CBLX Kiss 400 from it's last owner Ben.

    It's been interesting to read mention of it in other posts!

    I had previously flown as a co-pilot with a mate in his Tanarg on Fly Uk, and poked about in the Sywell hangar. The AC machines were eye catching and well designed so I bucked the trend and temptation to follow the flock and get a P&M for my first own machine.

    I'm glad I did. I'm very pleased. Will be even more so when the luggage pod I have on order is fitted.

    Quick question -

    When I got her she cruised at around 59/60

    Then I had the wing off the trike standing on the control bar and nose (nose on padding) in the hangar for a couple of weeks while the trike was away for a minor repair and a new prop fit.

    It's now re-rigged but cruising at around 50. Everything looks ok. I know the wing can be tweaked. Could the battens have changed shape a bit in this time from standing as it was not on a wing trolley? Would that be my first port of call, checking batten profiles? I believe I can also rotate the tips for turn correction, so if I rotate both evenly?

    I'd like to get the speed back up myself. However, shes up to Sywell for a pod fit when it arrives so I can always ask PD to take a look. Suggestions welcomed though.

    I look forward to reading and contributing to the Kiss thread.

    Any owners near me? I'm at Kemeys Commander, South Wales, nr Usk

    Ian G -CBLX

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    New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

    Hi Ian

    Welcome to the Kiss owners club (well you and me at the moment!!).

    I have had my Kiss 400 for nearly 3 years, and am very pleased with it.

    Regarding your speed change after de-rigging. The batterns will not be affected by storing the wing on its base bar and nose. I store mine like that in a hanger, on a wing dolly. The Kiss batterns are very strong and take a lot of effort to be put out of shape. Did you leave the trim wound right up to the slow position? If you did this may have set the trim batterns in the slow position (upwards), so check them for profile.

    Another thought is has the pitot tube for your ASI been moved on the pod, or has an insect/dirt found its way into the tube which could have affected the airflow?

    To speed the wing up you can tip the wing tips down. You can also tighten up the leading edges - but this will not give you much of an increase.

    I find the ASI on my Kiss overreads by a couple of mph.

    I fly out of Redlands at Swindon. Perhaps we should meet up sometime, and compare aircraft.

    Enjoy your Kiss.


    Mark Harris



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      New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the welcome.

      I'm pretty sure the trim was left loose, but thats a good start point, I shall check the profiles of those batterns tommorrow. I might also try the wing tip tweaking.
      I'll let you know how I get on.

      I know Redlands yes, been there a couple of times in the Quantum from Kemble which I had a share on. Maybe I'll drop by soon and we can meet up. I'll PM you sometime. Two Kiss 400s at same place would I'm sure attract some attention too !




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        New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

        Mark and readers.

        I found the cruise speed drop cause.

        I'd been given some new velcro on fairings by flylight when I collected CBLX on purchase. I'd fitted the control frame ones straight away but not the kingpost top one as I couldnt reach. So, when I took the wing off I fitted it. I found it's vertical length was a tight fit between the wing surface and the wires at the top of the kingpost, but it went on.
        Being aware the trim cable emerges mid way up the back of the kingpost fairing I made sure all was ok by double checking full and free movement of the trim control and cable etc by looking in the window on the fairing - all fine.

        During first few flights I experimented with the trim, mainly through curiosity to see how effective it is as the one on the Quantum I flew had little effect !
        It was during these early flights I noticed cruise speed had fallen, but I hadnt linked it to the fairing. I had watched the indicator run back up the window as I slackened the trim off and seen it settle at the top so assumed the trim was working fine.

        Then, in the hangar as I packed up one day, I checked I'd slackened the trimmer off, I had but noticed I could slacken it further now on the ground than I could in the air!
        So, I re checked the cable run and found the fairing on the kingpost had turned a bit sideways. It seems the tightness of the fit and the shape of it had allowed it to "ping" around at an angle and lift up the pole a little. The angle was such that on the ground I had full and free motion of the trim, but in the air it seems the wind pushed the fairing back in such a way that I could tighten the trimmer but when slackening it off it wasn't allowing the cable back through all the way - it was catching in the velcro just below the cable opening which apparently caused enough friction to prevent full retraction, but only when the fairing was being pushed backwards in wind.

        2 minutes with some scissors and there is now a little slit at the top of the fairing such that its top edge fits around the top wires without being compressed at all. It sits there fine now and will not ping sideways. Full and free trim cable movement observed on ground an in air now.

        So, in conclusion, my drop in cruise speed was down to two things, partly the trim being half sideways acting as more drag than slipstreaming, and partly the trimmer not slackening off properly. Full 58 ish cruise restored.


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          New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

          Hi Ian

          Glad it was a simple solution to your trim speed problem.

          I find on the Kiss that the trim system only gives a difference of 4-5mph, between slow and fast. As I fly solo all the time I tend to leave the trim fully wound out. This gives cruise revs of about 5,000, at 56-58mph.

          Kemeys Commander sounds an interesting airfield. I'll pm you to find out more about it.

          Good flying.



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            New Kiss 400 owner saying hello


            Ian i see your flying my old kiss hope you are getting on well with her shes great fun and you will have a lot fun with her.

            If you are ever down cornwall way send me a PM and pop in to our strip would love to see her again.

            take care and safe landing. :-)


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              New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

              Hi John,

              Yes I am ! Very happy with her too, nice to fly and had some really nice flights too in the short time I've had her.
              Shes had some very good owners, so thankyou for the period you were "custodian" !

              I'm based nr Usk in South Wales so if you are ever this way drop by. I might well be down in Cornwall this summer sometime, either on FlyUk (not certain I can do that yet) or for fun anyway, so yes will PM if I'm down.
              What strip are you at?


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                New Kiss 400 owner saying hello

                Thanks for your Comments

                We have a private strip On the River Tamar nr Plymouth on the Cornwall side.

                take care